WordPress 5.0 Update: All About Gutenburg

By Katherine Schwartz

In December 2018 WordPress released a new block editor as part of the WordPress 5.0 update called “Gutenburg.” Named after Johannes Gutenburg, who created the printing press in the 1400s, this goal of this new editor is to make creating sites well, easier. The current visual editor often requires developers to utilize shortcodes and HTML […]

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These Are A Few of Our Favorite Campaigns

By Mashia Stilt + Katherine Schwartz

Nothing brings more joy to marketing nerds than a kickass campaign. Historically speaking, the most famous ad campaigns live on to become staples of pop culture. Campaigns are measured by how well they compel action; some campaigns are more successful than others. Think De Beers “A Diamond is Forever.” campaign – you can blame/thank (depending […]

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Living Every Dog-Lovers’ Dream: Dog-Friendly Offices

By Mashia Stilt

At Vehicle Media, humans are not the only living species roaming around our office. We are among the luckiest 8 percent of companies in the U.S. that are living every dog-lover’s dream – by allowing dogs to come to work with us! Vehicle Media believes these furry creatures are a great way to boost office […]

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